Saturday, 19 September 2009

Fallen Angel by Mary Jo Putney

Review of Fallen Angel by Mary Jo Putney

Fallen Angel, originally published under the title Thunder and Roses is yet another great story from the pen of Mary Jo Putney. Never has just one kiss a day meant so much to two people of such differing backgrounds.

Driven by a desire to rescue her village, Claire Morgan, daughter of a Methodist preacher confronts Nicholas Davies, Earl of Aberdare with demands for assistance. Nicolas, in return, offers his aid only if she is prepared to live under his roof, thus ruining her reputation. A great sacrifice for a Methodist teacher, but one Claire is prepared to make for her cause. They agree on just one kiss a day, but the tension of that one kiss ignites their every waking hour, forcing them to fight their ever-increasing attraction.

Never have two people been more destined to be together and the trials and tribulations of their situation serve only to strengthen their bond.

Once again, Ms Putney has given her readers a story of angst, betrayal and love. A definite keeper!

Review - Lady Notorious by Jo Beverley

Review of Lady Notorious by Jo Beverley

Lady Notorious, aka My Lady Notorious was my first Jo Beverly book and coincidentally is the first in the feted Malloren series. Ms Beverley fascinates the reader with this tale set in Georgian England bringing to life characters you are eager to pursue well beyond the confines of this one book.

Returning from the Peninsular wars, Cyn Malloren, recovering from the effects of a fever is bored by the constant attentions of his family and when waylaid by a highwayman, whom he soon realises is no man but a beautiful girl in disguise, decides to relieve his boredom by playing into her hands. Thus begins an adventure of discovery, intrigue and passion.

Lady Chastity Ware is desperate to help her widowed sister and baby travel to a safe haven and is unprepared for her arrogant captive’s intervention in her plans. Nonetheless, the sexual tension between the two carries the story forward at such a pace that you are left breathless at their daring and intrigued by each twist and turn in their story.

As with all Ms Beverley’s novels, Cyn and Chastity’s story races to an explosive and satisfying conclusion, leaving the reader eager to read more in this wonderful series.